A Homeopathic colleague of mine has put this together. In addition to a call to action to sign the petition there is some useful information about these vaccinations


IPSN (Institut pour la Protection de la Santé Naturelle) or Institute for the Protection of Natural Health, based in Brussels, in conjunction with French oncologist and surgeon Professor Henri Joyeux, have launched a French petition against the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix.  The petition is already doing quite well at nearly 300,000 signatures (and steadily rising) in 10 days but I have asked the organisers if they want non-French signatures and they have said yes, please!  I have also translated the explanatory text (which also includes a video by Pr. Joyeux) and the petition into English so if you would like to sign, here it is with the necessary links.  When it comes to signing, they ask for First name, then Surname, then post code (for non-French post codes, put GB for the UK in front of the code, or US for USA in front of the code or DE for Germany, etc.).  The boxes to tick after that are for indicating 1) if you want to be kept informed (in French of course) of petition progress and 2) if you would like information (in French) on natural health.


Good morning.  This is Professor Henri Joyeux, French oncologist and surgeon.  I am writing to you because the French High Council for Public Health has recently published a report recommending first of all:

  • that there be wide-spread administration of the HPV (Human PapillomaVirus) vaccine in French schools, in an attempt to fight cervical cancer and other sexually-transmitted diseases(STDs), and also
  • that the starting age for vaccination of both girls and little boys be lowered to 9.


However, just like any medicine prescribed to a person in good health and even more so to children, the two current HPV vaccines, Gardasil® and Cervarix® bring with them the risk of serious adverse effects.  In addition, the authorities fail to mention to us that the protection against cervical cancer conferred by these vaccines is not 100%.  In fact, protection from Gardasil® and Cervarix® is no more than 70%, leaving 30% risk ofcancer.  Even if we could be certain of their effectiveness, these anti-viral vaccines should really only be administered to high-risk populations. The HPV virus is transmitted primarily through sexual relations.  Do not allow the authorities to apply an inappropriate health measure to your children!  Sign our petition demanding a moratorium on these vaccines which should not be imposed in our schools without providing prior comprehensive and transparent information to the parents.  There are very good reasons to be deeply concerned about this campaign.  According to Professor Guy Vallancien (a supporter of this vaccine), urologist, head of department at the Institut Montsouris in Paris and member of the French National Academy of Medicine, “Analysis of the pharmacovigilance data for this vaccine revealed 26,675 serious adverse effects, 113 of which were cases of multiple sclerosis.  In France alone, 435 cases of serious adverse effects, including 135 autoimmune diseases, 15 of which were cases of multiple sclerosis, have been reported to the national network of regional pharmacovigilance centres and the vaccine manufacturer.”


Many of these young schoolgirls, now disabled for life, were unnecessarily vaccinated with Gardasil when they were not in any way part of the high-risk population.


Sign the petition to protect your child from the same fate.  In Austria, following the death of a young woman vaccinated with Gardasil, a report was published indicating that the long-term effectiveness of such a vaccination would be “totally negligible”.  The Austrian Health Minister, Dr. Andrea Kdolsky, then decided to withdraw HPV vaccines from the official schedule, to stop reimbursing them and to encourage regular Pap smear screening instead.  On the 24th of January 2008, the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) announced that some women previously vaccinated with Gardasil had died.  It is therefore beyond imprudent to want to vaccinate all children, across the board, against HPV: it is totally IrresponsibleSign our petition urgently.


As early as February 2007, interviews aired on American television reported serious complications, told the tragic stories of surviving Gardasil victims and showed photos of young women who had died following vaccination with Gardasil.  In 2013, the Japanese authorities decided to stop recommending this vaccine.  In France, a lawsuit was filed against Sanofi, the manufacturer of the vaccine, by young Océane Bourguignon and other young girls.  They all suffered extremely serious brain and spinal cord damage after being vaccinated with Gardasil.  “We do not yet know its effectiveness.  We do not yet know the risks” warned Dr. Jean-Paul Hamon, chair of the French Doctors Association, on French TV channel TF1.


Video clip: “We do not yet know its effectiveness.  We do not yet know the risks.  The only safe and effective method is Pap smear screening.  And now we prefer to invest €300M into something whose effectiveness and risks we don’t yet know.”


This is 100% true.  If you or your child think that you may be infected with HPV, go to your doctor and get a smear test.  If precancerous lesions are found, they can definitely be treated.  But above all, no vaccine!  It could even increase your risks of getting cancer.  Two analyses of the vaccine’s impact on women already infected with HPV before they were vaccinated revealed an increase in the number of high-grade precancerous cervical lesions in the Gardasil® group compared with the unvaccinated placebo group.  Fortunately, the difference was not significant but this proves that in any case, the vaccine is useless if you are already infected, which is not surprising.  The worst however is that the long-term effectiveness of the vaccine, even in persons not infected at the time of vaccination, is unknown.  The French High Health Authority itself writes as follows on Gardasil®: “The effectiveness of HPV vaccination on the incidence of cancerous lesions in the genital area can only be established retrospectively after a number of years because these pathologies develop very slowly.”  Do you want your children to be Guinea pigs?  It is therefore totally premature and potentially dangerous to impose a widespread vaccination campaign in Frenchschools, especially when the recipients are young and very vulnerable children.


This is what the experts are saying: Abby Lippman, epidemiologist at McGill University in Canada and specialist in women’s health: ‘Neither Gardasil® nor its competitor Cervarix® has yet demonstrated its effectiveness in preventing cervical cancer.  According to these specialists, “we do not yet know if the vaccine will result in a reduction in the number of cancer cases.”  According to Lucija Tomljenovic, research scientist working on the neurotoxic effects of vaccine adjuvants at the University of British Columbia in Canada, “The vaccine is no more effective than other methods of prevention but carries far greater risks.”  Not only can it cause accidents but widespread vaccination of young girls may result in a decrease in Pap smear screening which we know can save lives.  Certain women will think “I am vaccinated, I am protected” which is in fact scientifically false.  This is why in March 2014, more than 700 French doctors signed a petition demanding a Parliamentary Committee of Enquiry into this vaccine.  One of them was pulmonologist Dr. Irène Frachon, courageous revealer of the Mediator scandal.  These doctors have already instilled fear in the government.  Now it is families who are trembling with fear for their children.  It is now our turn to triumph by making this message go viral and gathering millions of grassroots signatures on this petition.  Of course the Big Pharma lobbies will put up a serious fight.  We know them well with their enormous advertising resources.  France represents a massive market for them every year.  The vaccine manufacturers will pull out all the stops to make us think that their products are safe… grinning all the way to the bank.


But our children’s lives are worth more than their profits!


Why should your children run even the slightest risk when this disease is easily detectable and curable with regularscreening by a gynecologist?  They shouldn’t!  With the Institut pour la Protection de la Santé Naturelle (Institute for the Protection of Natural Health), we can be millions to say NO TO THESE VACCINES in our schools, NO to vaccinating 9-year-old children with a product which may not be effective and is potentially dangerous, even deadly.  If millions of us sign, the authorities won’t be able to ignore us, but to reach this figure, each of us must sign this petition immediately and circulate this appeal as far and as wide as possible.


Dr. Bérangère Arnal, OB-GYN and mother of 13-year-old Eve, has stated that her daughter will not receive the HPV vaccine but will be informed and regularly screened if necessary.  This is the advice I give to all families.  In high-risk populations, regular Pap smear tests every three years has resulted in a 70% reduction in the cervical cancer mortality rate, but this information is concealed from the general public.  The (of course very profitable) target of the lobbies is to vaccinate all schoolgirls before then vaccinating young boys of the same age, as soon as possible, and to make the vaccination mandatory in French schools.  We do not agree with these objectives which we deem to be “false public health”.  We can make them withdraw this plan bysaying NO to this abuse, along with millions of others.  But to achieve this, every responsible French citizen must circulate this petition as far and as wide as possible.  I am therefore counting on all of you to sign the petition and to send it as soon as possible to all of your contacts.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, in the name of our children’s health.


Professor Henri Joyeux.


Sign the petition by clicking on this link (arrow)




Institut Pour La Protection de la Santé Naturelle

The right to alternative treatment


NO to widespread vaccination of children against HPV




For the attention of

The President of the French Republic,

The French Minister of Health and Social Affairs,

And the French Minister of National Education


Mr. President, Mme Health and Social Affairs Minister, Mme. National Education Minister,


On the 15th of September 2014, the French High Council for Public Health published a statement recommending that:

  • HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccination should be introduced in French schools in an attempt to prevent cervical cancer and other sexually-transmitted diseases;
  • If necessary, the starting age for vaccination of both young girls and young boys would be lowered to 9.


This plan has aroused very deep concern in the French people and the medical profession.


There are a very large number of us who fear that our schools are being used as a front for a widespread HPV vaccination campaigntargeting our children, without providing families transparent information on the effectiveness and risks of this vaccine and without allowing them to consider the pros and cons.


May we remind you that the analysis of pharmacovigilance data revealed 26,675 cases of serious adverse effects connected with these vaccines, including 113 cases of multiple sclerosis.


May we also remind you that the only method which has been proven to prevent cervical cancer is the Pap smear.  If precancerous lesions are found, they can then be treated.


The vaccine however does not confer 100% protection, far from it.  All medical sources concur on this point.  It is a very dangerous situation if vaccinated individuals go off thinking that they are fully protected.


We the undersigned therefore demand that the plan for widespread HPV vaccination in French schools be stopped:

  • Until reasonable vaccine effectiveness has been proven;
  • Until we are aware of and can control all the adverse effects of these vaccines;
  • Until we can be assured that such widespread vaccination will not cause a decrease in Pap smear screening, the only proven method of preventing cervical cancer.


This is the only way to protect a large number of children from unnecessary accidents and considerable suffering.  You will also be making a step towards maintaining the trust of parents and keeping necessary peace in our schools.


Yours sincerely,


Number of Signatures







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