Homeopathy and e-Lybra9 bio-resonance are perfectly safe to use during pregnancy, in breast-feeding mums and for children because the ingredients are safe. Homeopathic medicines, originally made mainly from plants and minerals, are highly diluted and safe to use too. The bio-resonance resonances are energetic so contain no physical substances. This means that the medicines are completely non-toxic, making them ideal for use at times when you might not want to take conventional drugs.

If you are trying for a family, or preparing to do so, there is more information for prospective parents here.

If you are pregnant, there is more information about pregnancy and labour here.

If you are new parents, there is more information for mother and baby here (fathers can also be supported, of course).

If you are the parent of someone in the toddler to teenage range there is more information here.

If you have family pets then there is a page about my animal services here.

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