Carol Fieldhouse


I am here to support you with my passion for Natural Wellness.

Life can be tough, lonely and disappointing at times. Fortunately, it can also be inspirational and delightful!

We women tend to prop everyone else up, burning out our own batteries until we are the ones needing support.
Finding ways to naturally get you back up and running is my passion.There is undoubtedly a place for medications, yet long term use can be problematic.

We have an amazing power to heal once the right trigger is found.

It can be difficult to know what to do. A flood of advice coming from well meaning friends and family can be overwhelming yet so can being left alone to sort it out. The quiet, non-judgmental, empathetic ear of a stranger can help enormously to clear the mind. Then a little support to turn things around.

Let me be that person for you

My background

In 1980 I completed a science degree and then went into a long career in Information Technology (nobody can accuse me of not having a logical mind!), ending up as a ‘solutions architect’ getting the computer systems to do what the business wanted.

It took years of seeing results for me to accept that this weird and wonderful stuff actually does work so I don’t expect you to make that leap of faith in one jump, please give it a try though!

That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger

The most difficult times undoubtedly push us to grow or we sink.

Some of my headline ‘been there, done it, and got the t-shirt’ growth times have been: life as an only child; severe hayfever; unsuccessful In Vitro Fertilisation; stepmom to troubled teenagers; living with an alcoholic; and two grueling marriage break ups.

Each hurdle has made me dig deep to find a way to bounce back. Finding ways to get myself up and running again allows me now to help others do the same.

You have your own path to walk through life, lessons to learn and challenges to overcome. It would be a real privilege to support you to find a good balance again.

Nature doesn’t stand still. If something isn’t improving then it is probably in decline.

Let me support your growth!

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HW, Solihull:

“Carol is intuitive, caring and comes with a no nonsense approach. She has a practical manner and is very supportive.

Carol is always just an email or text away and offers help every step of the way.

She always knows which remedy will be the best for you and offers heart felt advice.

Such a wonderful loving person”


Carol Fieldhouse BSc(Hons), MBCS CITP, MLCHom, MARH, RHom

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology and Physical Sciences(Biology, Physics and Chemistry)
  • Charter Member of the British Computer Society


  • Member of the Lakeland College of Homeopathy
  • Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
  • Certified CEASE practitioner (Advanced)
  • Many other training courses attended


  • Certified Advanced eLybra9 Bio-resonance Practitioner

 Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine

  • Graduate of The Four Winds Society’s Healing the Light Body course and Sage programme
  • Certified Munay-ki Rites Mentor (UK, Four Winds – 5 days)
  • Trained by Carla Fox and also Jose Louis Herrera in Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine
  • Trained by Stephen Victor (a fellow Andean Shamanic practitioner) in Hellinger Constellation work.

I live with my husband and two cats and two dogs in rural Warwickshire.


Trading as Refreshing Horizons Limited registered in England and Wales. Reg. No. 7090368
Reg. Office: Applegrove, Whatcote Road, Oxhill, Warwick CV35 0RA

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